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Program Framework

Equal to HSK1-23-45-6
No. of Module364
Duration/module12 lessons x 1,5 hr12 lessons x 1,5 hr12 lessons x 2 hr
Lesson Hour6012064
CertificationCertificate of CompetencyCertificate of CompetencyCertificate of Competency
Specialist Certificate of Competency
Suitable forBeginner with no prior knowledge requiredLearnt Mandarin before (~HSK 2-3) but not yet fluentLearnt Mandarin before (~HSK 4-5), but can't communicate effectively with Chinese colleagues using industry terms
ObjectiveBuild foundation for entry levelSpeak fluently & confidently in daily life & work- Acquire practical language capabilities to work effectively with Chinese counterparts
- Speak confidently & translate professionally in business & industry lingo
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* Class Size: 4-8 pax

Learning Model