Office Communications Series

Office work requires constant communications among colleagues and processing of piles upon piles of papers and documents. To learn how to express ourselves in clear and concise Mandarin during work will greatly enhance your performance.

办公室工作需要同事之间不断的沟通,并需要处理一大堆的文件。 学习在工作中如何用简洁明了的普通话表达自己,将会大大提高您的表现。

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Preparing Reports for the Boss (给老板准备报告)- Clarifying instruction
- Managing expectations
- Suggesting alternatives
- Negotiating for longer timeline
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Scheduling Meeting with Clients (安排客户会议)- Doing self-introduction
- Explaining the meeting objectives
- Scheduling the meeting details
- Reschedule meetings
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Itinerary Scheduling for the Boss (给老板安排行程)- Planning for business trip
- Presenting the itinerary
- Fine-tuning the activities
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Organising a Cross-department Meeting (安排跨部门会议)- Conveying meeting request
- Clarifying meeting agenda
- Reminding colleagues for meeting
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Mandarin Masterclass

* you may also replay the lesson recording to reinforce learning, as and when needed.

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