IndoPanda Member Benefits

How to Fuel your Learning with PandaCoin

Master Mandarin as a business language is critical for a bright career, yet the process of learning it can be boring and difficult, sometimes frustrating and most of the time costly. 

But don’t worry, we are with you! IndoPanda is all about providing an inclusive, progressive and rewarding learning environment that is super fun and exciting when you move yourself up the proficiency level. To achieve this, we have loaded a full box of member benefits powered by PandaCoin.

How to Earn PandaCoin

Here are 7 simple ways members can earn PandaCoin to fuel their learning journey:

  1. Become IndoPanda Member = 200.000 PandaCoins: The first day that you join us as a member (just sign up an account at IndoPanda website and that’s it!) and follow our IG account, your account will be loaded with 200.000 PandaCoins.
  2. Refer Your Friend to Become IndoPanda Member = 200.000 PandaCoins: When you ask your friend to do the same thing above and after he/she completed 1 lesson at our platform (yes, by using the 200.000 PandaCoins given), you will receive another 200.000 PandaCoins. This referral scheme is unlimited. So if you successfully referred 10 friends, you will have 2.000.000 PandaCoins in your account!
  3. Complete 1 Lesson = 5.000 PandaCoins: After you complete every lesson/event on IndoPanda platform, you will be awarded 5.000 coins
  4. Submit 1 Lesson Review = 10.000 PandaCoins: Leave a genuine review after every lesson will entitle you for another 10.000 coins
  5. Complete 8 Lessons in a Month = 80.000 PandaCoins: If you complete attending 8 sessions of lesson/event in a month, you will receive another 80.000 coins
  6. Winner of Mandarin Battle Royale = 600.000 PandaCoins
  7. Buy Rp600.000 worth of Lessons in Single Order = Rp60.000 PandaCoin: When you purchase Rp600.000 worth of lessons/events in a single order, you will receive RP60.000 PandaCoin. Ya, so it is like a 10% discount. 
1 PandCoin = 1 Rupiah
You can use PandaCoin to buy IndoPanda Courses

Other Member Privileges:

  • Chance of Winning Event Tickets: When we launch a new career event or seminars, we will usually offer free tickets for members to win. 

Tips of winning: Pay attention to our Instagram post and Whatsapp Announcement, and response to our instruction. We promise it is not difficult at all. 

  • Monthly Promotion: Every month we will launch a new lesson calendar and bundle it with exciting promotion. 
  • Flash Sales: There will be flash sales released during our monthly IG Livestream session where we introduce the monthly calendar and a series of new events. So make sure you join the LIVESTREAM to capture the flash deal!