Social Gathering Series

No business activities can be completed without the cooperation and participation of company members. This helps them to expand their business and achieve success. Social gathering is one of the most important components of business to build relationship and enhance cooperation.


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Invite Clients for Events
- How to start phone conversation
- Common phrases for invitation
- Providing event details
- How to secure confirmation
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How to Offer & Receive Gifts
- Phrases to make receiver feel comfortable
- Explaining the objective for gifting
- Words to express gratitude
- Simple idioms you can use
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Conversation Over Lunch
- Welcoming your guests
- How to introduce colleagues
- Commenting on foods
- Common phrases to build rapport
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Build Rapport Over Lunch
- Wrapping up the lunch appropriately
- Offer to pay for the bill
- Summarise discussion details
- Setting up the next meeting
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