Preparing Reports for the Boss (SC) (给老板准备报告)-2021/03/12-2021/03/12


MASTERCLASS: Lunch or dinner events help develop relationships and promote mutual understanding. They are common in the business context in China. Learn how to strike a conversation during meals and how to end the sessions appropriately to leave a lasting impression with your colleagues and clients.



Office works always involves dealing with documents and scheduling of meetings. Being able to communicate effectively with your stakeholders will boost your chance of getting promoted. Learn how to prepare reports for the boss and schedule meetings with clients here.

Our native Chinese will practice Mandarin speaking with you on the Masterclass content in a small class setting (3-5 pax). You will role-play with the native Chinese just like in a real workplace, and receive individual feedback on pronunciation and expression. Through this session, you will be able to express your ideas fluently in Mandarin.

Workplace Scene: Preparing reports for the boss

  • Clarifying instruction
  • Managing expectations
  • Suggesting alternatives
  • Negotiating for longer timeline


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