mandarin program for indonesian graduate student

Core M4

Business Mandarin Program

Core Module | 48 hours | Intermediate

An immersive way of blended learning that put the right focus on speaking skill

Our Mandarin program is designed around the theme of workplace communication, every lesson is a conversation of a Workplace Scene. On top of it, we will also have different sets of Industry Kits, for learners to choose according to their own specialization. This method of curriculum structuring is to cater for the Bite Size Learning for busy working adults.


Core Modules

18 Hours


Mandarin Masterclass

* you may also replay the lesson recording to reinforce learning, as and when needed.

30 Hours


Speaking Circle


Demo Interviews

Witness how job-seekers practise answering interview questions in Mandarin

Interview Day

Witness how job-seekers answer interview questions in Mandarin with companies.

Who should attend

For intermediate level Mandarin speakers (similar to HSK 3 to 4, but HSK qualification is not required) who wish to practice their speaking proficiency at a higher level. This program is especially suitable for those who have studied Mandarin for at least 2 years, yet unable to express themselves fluently in daily life or business scenarios.

Fees and funding

Rp. 5 Juta (subsidy available)

Payment Method

We provide 3 payment options as follow:

1. Advanced payment: 50% deposit upon registration, and balance before course commencement.

2. Four monthly instalments 

We accept ATM/bank transfers, direct debit, credit/debit card, e-wallet & over-the-counter payments. 


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Designed for those who want to get hired by Chinese companies or related industries within the next 6 months.